Friday, May 12, 2006

Large Scale of Sguil Sensor Installation

After sometimes of installing Sguil manually, and with sguil installation script done that easing my installation process, I still feel that it is not efficient enough when comes to the large scale of NSM deployments. Instead of working for the machine, I would prefer the machine working for me. Thus, I'm pretty interested in using PXE BOOT to perform massive Sguil Sensors installation which almost having the same set of installation and configuration that may save whole lots of times. Anyone has done OpenBSD PXE NETBOOT installation, please comment.

There's nifty guide on OpenBSD faq, check it out here.

By the way, me and my pal who want to keep himself low profile, are working on the project called OpenNSM. We are targetting on making OpenBSD Sguil Installation ISO. Work in progress and may release once we finished it. Stay tuned.

Peace :]

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