Wednesday, May 10, 2006

OpenBSD and FreeBSD New Release

This is late news, and I suppose everyone already knew it, OpenBSD 3.9 is out and so do FreeBSD 6.1. I'm currently downloading FreeBSD 6.1 and may install it later. If you love OpenBSD, please donate to the project as it is currently lack of fund. If you ever happen to use OpenSSH, please consider donating to keep the project going as well. For freeBSD team, thanks again for creating such brilliant OS, you guys rox!!!!!

- When {Puffy} Meets ^RedDevil^ -

Cheers :]


Anonymous said...

So which one do you use for which purpose?

I use FreeBSD for my Sguil IDS's and OpenBSD for my firewalls. I'm looking forward to using OpenBSD for the Sguil IDS's tho.

C.S.Lee said...


That's about preference, I myself use FBSD as analyzt workstation for its ports/packages. And OpenBSD for Sguil and Firewall/Router.

Stick with what you like :)

Anonymous said...

Ok. That makes sense. I was wondering how you were using each because you use both for IDS related work.