Monday, July 23, 2007

High Quality Spam, please .....

As usual I login to my webmail after I woke up in the morning, checking the email and there's one with zip attachment, sounds malicious that it may contain executable file? Here's how the email looks like, I discard the sender part as it can be any originator -

I like the Note message, it looks so harmless. Anyway I just unzip it and it appears to be a pdf file -

shell>file 2685.pdf
2685.pdf: PDF document, version 1.2

shell>hexdump -C 2685.pdf
255044462d312e32 200d0a312030206f |%PDF-1.2 ..1 0 o|
626a0d0a3c3c0d0a 2f54797065202f43 |bj..<<../Type /C|
6174616c6f670d0a 2f50616765732033 |atalog../Pages 3|
203020520d0a2f50 6167654d6f646520 | 0 R../PageMode |
2f5573654e6f6e65 0d0a2f506167654c |/UseNone../PageL|

Output truncated .....

Therefore I use xpdf to open the file and here's how it looks like .....

You can click on the image to zoom in, but the image quality is so bad until you can't really read, I know you spammer want it to be small size(68K) only but please deliver with better quality image so that I can read or else how I gonna invest?

I don't see much of small gif file from spamming activities lately, maybe the trend is changing again .....

Enjoy ;]

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