Friday, July 27, 2007

Malaysia Honeynet Community

Me and Mel have discussed about running non-profit honeynet group to research on internet threats and attacks trend for a while, and finally Mel launched the website about the group after long delay. We are currently running low level honeypots to capture malwares and plan to deploy high level honeynet once we have found the sponsors because more costs intact in order to operate them.

We welcome any contributors, here's our list -

Current members in the group -

And that includes raWPacket team members too.

Of course if you are interested in the project(researches, contributions, sponsorships), feel free to email us, you can either contact me or Mel.

mel at hackinthebox dot org

geek00l at gmail dot com

We hope this can be the long term R & D with the supports of various parties, and the outcome value is definitely worthwhile.

Cheers ;]

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