Friday, July 20, 2007

What is reality?

I have heard many people told me that they have Firewall and IPS in place therefore they don't need monitoring, but can't you think logically what is reality? The simple fact -

Humans > System created by Humans

So you want to argue again, or you are actually humiliating yourself! And if you ask me what's the best IDS again, I will beat your ass and say -


Don't get mad, this is reality .....

Peace (;])


Anonymous said...

No arguments here. People are always better than a machine at spotting that rogue packet. But the machines definately do help!

Anonymous said...

True. IDS is only a tool that assists us in identifying any malicious packet within the traffics by producing indicators or alerts. Still this alerts or indicators triggered for any suspicious packet or traffic. Human intervention in sense of providing context to that indicators is still needed. Like whut I've told my Arab colleague here in Jeddah;