Thursday, July 19, 2007

Linksys WRT54GL: OpenWRT

Thanks to my friend who works in network hardware line so that I can obtain this device locally. I'm lucky enough to get this linksys wireless router model WRT54GL of which I can install linux(OpenWRT) on it flawlessly, all I need is just upload the firmware that provided by OpenWRT and update . I follow the instructions here to get it install. I'm planning to install other applications such as fprobe and kismet for the fun of it. I just learn that IPKG is nifty packaging system for embedded device.

By default it's LAN interface has IP address, I login to the web interface via firefox browser that you are seeing now, you can setup the password and the default user name is root. Since I'm the subscriber of the Best ISP here for their Screamyx package, I just need to setup PPPOE for the WAN connection, configuring the user and password for the pap authentication and I'm done.

If you find yourself *nix head, then you can ssh into the router box as well, of course the main user is root and you can change the password from here as well, everything can be configured via CLI console.

This is what I want, I have bought another box mainly for war driving purpose, the changeable antenna is definitely a plus point. If you want to know the prize, it is about RM220.

Enjoy (;])

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Anonymous said...

Have you tried putting Asterisk on this system? Eager to hear your feedback either way.