Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tech Training: Structured Network Threat Analysis and Forensics

Last year, me and mel have conducted the training at HITB conference. The training is about performing network traffic analysis using NSM concept but more on threat centric. We are also adding the part Network Based Forensics and discarding Host Based Forensics this year to make it more compatible to the topic.

Again this year, we will be conducting the training at HITB conference again, however all the students who attend to the training no longer need to load the VMware image in order to use all the analysis tools but utilizing the HeX liveCD if possible(in case if the laptop brought by the students not FreeBSD compatible, he or she can still use VMware/Qemu to load the liveCD but we are trying to avoid this condition so that you can make full use of your computer resources.

There will be updates for our training contents as well to cope with the whole network security scene. If you are interested in the training, feel free to check it out here.

Peace ;]

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Anonymous said...

Lookin forward for the training :D