Saturday, September 29, 2007

Network Protocols & Passive Analysis

It's weekend day and I should find way to relax but I have to admit I'm network protocol addict. Today I have read about the links below and would like to share -




No comment about the protocol overhead and msn protocol topic but I might say I learn something new and save my time of digging them myself. Well documented stuffs always cool. However for the third link which topic is Passive Network Analysis and the date is 2007-09-28, introducing ethereal is bad especially the writing itself is more to introductory and you have wide range of audience(securityfocus is high profile) unless if we flash back to April 24, 2006. In fact, the wireshark is NOW. Other than that, Stephen Barish has done a great job in explaining the basic and the use of Passive Network Analysis.

Passive Network Analysis is another form of intelligence gathering technique in forming defensive strategy which you should look up.

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