Saturday, September 29, 2007

OpenPacket: Emphasizing Practical Knowledge

One of the objective that raWPacket group creating the HeX liveCD is to develop the platform for network security analyzt to analyze the network data(pcap), and it can be great learning tool too if you want to learn about networking or enhance your analysis skill.

In most of the time, I have heard from people that they don't have live network to learn about networking or network security especially students, therefore their practical knowledge usually come after they started working in the field.

Thanks to Richard who taking initiative to launch OpenPacket, it is still in alpha stage but we hope to see it goes live soon. To follow up the progress and development of OpenPacket, stay tune with its blog.

So what is this OpenPacket all about? is a Web site whose mission is to provide a centralized repository of network traffic traces for researchers, analysts, and other members of the digital security community.

I would like to add on that the network traffic traces or sample can be equally useful for education community too, students can download the data and start to learn about them practically instead of reading the unintuitive networking book line by line without real understanding. And it can be very handy and productive if they are using HeX liveCD.

What should you do now? Join the OpenPacket mailing list, share your network traces and be part of community. Your participation are always welcomed.

Before some of you may remind me, another useful website to obtain network data is at -

Enjoy ;]

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