Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ubuntu: Afterglow

Afterglow version 1.5.9 is released lately, I would like to try it out on my laptop that running Ubuntu Linux, the steps are quite straight forward. Here's the less than 1 minute steps -

shell>sudo apt-get install libtext-csv-perl graphviz

After that, just download afterglow source tarball and untar it.

You are good to go now.

shell>perl -h

Afterglow 1.5.9 ---------------------------------------------------------------

A program to visualize network activitiy data using graphs.
Uses the dot graph layout program fromt the Graphviz suite.
Input data is expected to be in this simple CSV-style format:

[subject], [predicate], [object], ACCEPT,

Usage: perl [-adhnstv] [-b lines] [-c conffile] [-e length] [-f threshold ] [-g threshold] [-l lines] [-o threshold] [-p mode] [-x color] [-m maxsize]

-a : turn off labelelling of the output graph with the configuration used
-b lines : number of lines to skip (e.g., 1 for header line)
-c conffile : color config file
-d : print node count
-e length : edge length
-f threshold : source fan out threshold
-g threshold : event fan out threshold (only in three node mode)
-h : this (help) message
-l lines : the maximum number of lines to read
-m : the maximum size for a node
-n : don't print node labels
-o threshold : omit threshold (minimum count for nodes to be displayed)
Non-connected nodes will be filtered too.
-p mode : split mode for predicate nodes where mode is
0 = only one unique predicate node (default)
1 = one predicate node per unique subject node.
2 = one predicate node per unique target node.
3 = one predicate node per unique source/target node.
-s : split subject and object nodes
-t : two node mode (skip over objects)
-u : export URL tags
-v : verbose output
-x : text label color

Example: cat somedata.csv | perl -v | dot -Tgif -o somedata.gif

The dot exectutable from the Graphviz suite can be obtained
from the AT&T research website:

Cheers ;]

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