Monday, September 24, 2007

HeX liveCD: VMware-Tool Inclusion & Status

The HeX liveCD project is inactive for a while and now it goes active again, the 1.0 Release is very very close as we are doing some improvement and housekeeping to make it clean and tidy.

As most people who uses HeX liveCD prefer to load it on VMware, it raises the question to us whether it's fine to distribute HeX with VMware-tools. I have discussed with chfl4gs and interestingly we found this link -

Effective immediately, VMware has modified its current policy with regard to VMware Tools as follows:

Subject to your compliance with the VMWARE MASTER END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT, the restriction in Section 3.5 of the VMWARE MASTER END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT prohibiting distribution of the VMware Tools to third parties is hereby removed. You may distribute VMware Tools to third parties in object code format only and solely in conjunction with, and as part of, any Virtual Machine you create with the Software or with any update for any such Virtual Machine.

For now, it seems to be fine to distribute the FreeBSD VMware-tool6 package and we may do so . But changes will be made later if the vendor changes their mindset but from what I know, VMware Inc usually plays well with FOSS community.

From now onward, we are in the package/port freeze state and concentrating on bug fixes until the release of HeX v1.0R.

Cheers ;]

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