Sunday, September 30, 2007

HeX: Full Screen Terminal

For HeX liveCD, our virtual terminal of choice is mrxvt, we use version 0.5.3 which is the latest unstable branch and it works very well.

I know some of you prefer to have Full Screen CLI especially to those who allergy to GUI, here's the simple tip, you can either click on the fluxbox menu->System->Run or type in the terminal -

shell>mrxvt +sb -name FullScreen

Here's the screenshot -

It will launch the full screen terminal, and the font size also becomes bigger in this case. However if you prefer to have small font size while having full screen terminal, you can run -

shell>mrxvt +sb

Then follow by pressing Control+Shift+f keys will do. Here's the screenshot -

Nice little trick but it does what you want.

Peace ;]

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Anonymous said...

you can increase/decrease the fonts usng Ctrl-+ or Ctrl - - (Ctrl-minus)