Friday, November 09, 2007

Ubuntu: Qemulator

Last time when I used qemu on FreeBSD, I used the gui frontend for qemu called qemu launcher, however it ends up that qemu launcher is not good enough in my point of view, and I have found another gui frontend for qemu in Ubuntu software repo which is called Qemulator. Let's check it out -

To whoever allergy to command line interface or don't know how to read man page, you can launch qemulator, configure everything you need in the graphical interface environment. After that, you can right click on any virtual machine you have setup in My Machines tab, and choose Show Commandline which looks exactly like the screenshot above. In order to tune the setting of each virtual machine, you can click on show settings button at down there.

Once you click on the show settings button, it contains many sub tabs for you to configure almost everything such as the boot options, emulated hardwares, networks and so forth. it shouldn't be hard to configure with all those options available and you just need to point and click.

Here you can see I click on User mode in the Network tab, and you can also change the Hostname if you want in the same tab.

In the Main tab, I choose cdrom as first boot options, because I plan to boot up my HeX liveCD for packetysis(Don't bother my own word). Now everything is setup, just click on the green button with arrow.

Here you go, the shiny HeX booting up in progress. Maybe I should change that demon to monkey someday.

Cheers ;]

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Anonymous said...

Don't suppose you've made any effort in porting qemulator to FreeBSD? ;-)