Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mix Post But Helpful

I'm trying to move to using VMware Server instead of VMware Workstation now, the installation process is pretty straightforward on Ubuntu 7.10 but I encounter the issue when trying to load the virtual appliance that I have created using VMware Workstation because of incompatibility problem. In order to fix it, I found the solution in this post -

On the other hand, I found great tip in creating the FreeBSD application package from its port. I used to use make package command to create the FreeBSD packages but I think you should check out this one too -

Another great post I want to share here is about the network tap, many people(management sucko) don't believe this but lets listen to the expert here. This is the exactly "fail-open" that you need.

That's about it, hopefully those posts help me, help you.

Peace ;]

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