Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Art Of Statistic & Probability

I came across this site when googling for network packet sampling and one of the paper is about Sampling For Passive Internet Measurement.

I start to love Statistic and Probability after I came across network statistic and flow analysis(Thanks to NSM), and I seem to become addict to it now. However my lack of knowledge in math always push me back and I need to spend time to understand them. Anyway this is not what I want to tell here, it's more about the Project Euclid. I especially like their mission statement.

Project Euclid's mission is to advance scholarly communication in the field of theoretical and applied mathematics and statistics. Project Euclid is designed to address the unique needs of low-cost independent and society journals. Through a collaborative partnership arrangement, these publishers join forces and participate in an online presence with advanced functionality, without sacrificing their intellectual or economic independence or commitment to low subscription prices. Full-text searching, reference linking, interoperability through the Open Archives Initiative, and long-term retention of data are all important components of the project.

The end result is a vibrant online information community for independent and society journals. This will assure that mathematics and statistics will continue to benefit from a healthy balance of commercial enterprises, scholarly societies, and independent publishers.

This is cool, I'm about to download some of the papers and study. If you are into this field, let me know what do you think about it.

Beside this, thanks to kaeru who has lent me his math books.

Cheers ;]

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