Sunday, November 11, 2007

HeX &

Yes I'm not familiar with silktools but I add it to the HeX liveCD, the reason is that silktools comes with very comprehensive documentation and I believe I might try it out someday, I know some of you may find silktools toolset missing in the HeX menu because I don't really use it practically and not too sured about the the placement of it in the menu.

Anyway I just figured some of the applications that bundled by silktools(such as rwptoflow) are broken due to the absent of lzo2 library, so I think we need to fix this.

On the other hand, thanks to the report from dakrone, chfl4gs_ has fixed the dual display devices problem in order to probe for X properly.

Couple of minor changes would be the font setting for sguil client is now predefined and you wouldn't get the ugly font any more, we have also set the mozilla firefox as default browser without interaction of users anymore. Thanks to Victorj for this.

We are not going to release anything yet, as we are still waiting for more bug reports, feel free to do so. By the way, if you have any opinion or suggestion for HeX liveCD development, you are welcomed as we are moving to HeX 2.0 development soon.

Anyway, I'm pretty glad for the progress of HeX so far and some other projects undergoing .....

Enjoy (;])


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Hex do you know why PADS has trouble identifying FTP servers? For just about all FTP servers I've tried it detects it, but says Service - Unknown and Application - Unknown. I'd like to use PADS for a school project and it would be nice if it was working 100%.

Also do you have a rough idea when Hextra will be released? Hex is awesome and I can't wait to try out Hextra as well!

C.S.Lee said...

hi anonymous,

Speaking of FTP servers, what kind of FTP servers are you running? If it says Service - Unknown and Application - Unknown, it maybe because of no signatures available(as pads signatures set still small). Can you send me the pcap, I maybe able to write the signature if it is not available.

The HeXtra is in baking stage, I need to fully test it before I ship them and it might be out within these two weeks.

Cheers ;]

Anonymous said...

Thanks geek00l, I'm looking forward to HeXtra. You were right about the PADS signature. I made a couple that seem to work.

ftp,v/Serv-U//$1/,220 Serv-U FTP Server (v\d\.\d+) for WinSock ready...
xpshell,v/Windows XP Command Prompt//$1/,Microsoft Windows XP \[(.+)\]

Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

Some minor fixes to the signatures...

ftp,v/Serv-U FTP Server/$1//,220 Serv-U FTP Server (v\d\.\d+) for WinSock ready...

windowsshell,v/Windows $1 Command Prompt//$2/,Microsoft Windows (.+) \[(.+)\]

C.S.Lee said...

Hi anonymous,

Actually there are add on signatures by me under ~/rp-NSM directory, looking at the signatures you have written, I would welcome you to contribute to the pads signatures database.

If you don't mind, can you send that to my email as I need to know who you are for creditability.

My email is geek00L[at]gmail[dot]com