Thursday, November 22, 2007

HeX: Welcome New Team Members

This is great news, at least it is to the development of HeX liveCD. We are pleased to welcome Matthew Lee Hinman(Dakrone) and also JJ Cummings(Enhanced) to join the development of HeX liveCD.

For your knowledge, both of them are very supportive and helpful through out the development of HeX liveCD. JJ Cummings is also the co developer of Inprotect project and long time HeX liveCD mirrors provider for US area while Matthew Lee Hinman just joined us recently but helping fixing bugs, creating ports and also contributing analysis script which will be imported to HeX soon.

Hopefully with more developers now, we can have next shiny version of HeX liveCD -> 2.0!!!!!

Thanks (;])

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MLH said...

Glad to be aboard :)