Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PADS: Signature Contribution

Thanks to Kinstonian who has actually sent me PADS signatures which I would like to post it here. Credit goes to him and I will add the signatures to upcoming HeX 1.0.2, and only committing to the PADS development source tree once it is tested. Here I got the words from Kinstonian -

I've revised the signatures somewhat. I searched google images for Windows command prompts and the updated windows shell signature should detect Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and 2008 command prompts. I've tested it with netcat and it works.

ftp,v/Serv-U FTP Server/$1//,220-{0,1} {0,1}Serv-U FTP Server (v\d\.\d+) for WinSock ready

windowsshell,v/Windows $1Command Prompt//$2/,Microsoft Windows (.*)\[(.+)\]

I'd like to write more signatures, but I'd like to refresh my regex knowledge first and would need to find the time. However, I'll email you with any other signatures I write in the future.

So there are two signatures submitted by Kinstonian. One for Serv-U FTP server and the other for Windows CMD, if you are running any of them, feel free to test the signatures.

Thanks Kinstonian, we need more contributors like you.

Enjoy ;]

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