Saturday, November 24, 2007

HeX: The BackPort and Honeysnap Inclusion

I have got few requests about adding honeysnap to HeX liveCD, and you and I know HeX can be ran as liveCD or bump it into hard drive, most people just run it as liveCD instead unless they need to do heavy weight network data analysis. But now, you can install the packages(we call it back ports as those packages are meant for HeX 2.0[the next major version] but anyone who use 1.x can still have access to those tools that are not included by default). You can find the back ports at -

Thanks to dakrone, our new developer who has spent his precious time to create the honeysnap and its related packages and you can find his post about the honeysnap here. So here I will show you the remote installation of the honeysnap and its related packages in few step, just check out the screenshot will do as I'm lazy to copy and paste from terminal. Click ->

Thanks to the honeynet community and the developers of honeysnap. Honeysnap is in fact a very nifty tool to perform post processing on pcap data and we are proud that our liveCD includes it now.

Enjoy ;]

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