Sunday, November 25, 2007

Regex Learning Tool: Kregexpeditor

I have introduced the application to help you in learning regular expressions previously which you can find here. Here's another similar application called kregexeditor.

Referring to the screenshot above, you may see a lot of symbols in the tool bar below the title bar. Each of them represents certain type of regular expression where you can point to them and read the description of each symbol. In order to choose them, you can left click on them, and left click again on the grey pane below the tool bar in order to add them as part of regular expressions you want to build. For example you can click on Beginning of line symbol and left click again to the grey pane, then you will see the regex inserted into the ASCII syntax which is ^.

Some of the symbols in the grey pane can be edited by right clicking and choose Edit so this is very flexible when you want to modify it to fit your need. You may notice the second row of the tool bars is quite useful when you want to copy, paste and save the regex you have built too.

In order to make sure the regex match what you want, you should just type in whatever characters or digits into the big white pane on the right. Once it matches, it will show in Red Color instead of black(shown in the screenshot) so that way you can make sure the regex works as expected.

Anyway I think this is great tool to learn how regex works in practical way, together with the cheat sheet that I have blogged previously here. Before I forget, you can get kregexpeditor easily with apt-get on Ubuntu.

Enjoy ;]


Unknown said...

Great, just a tool I need :D

Keep it up

Hsiao-Ting said...

Your introduction is helpful for me.
Thanks! :D