Thursday, February 09, 2006

Another Ongoing Port - Argus

I do use Argus - the terrific tool to collect and analyze network flow data, I have come to the place where I used to install argus from source all the time, and I think it's right for me to create OpenBSD port for argus and may it benefits others. Not like previous scapy port which is much more easier to create since it needs no source compilation, argus seems to be tougher for me. However after successfully installing argus from source by fixing it's dependencies stuff, as well as old lines that need to be commented out, now I can install argus using my own port, I do learn how to create patch for the source using diff command, and understand more about the internal of OpenBSD more than I was previously, it seems that creating port for OpenBSD is one good learning path for me at the moment. If argus port works properly, I will continue to create it's client port - Argus client to have the complete argus port done.

The next port that I plan to create would be either python PyX or mysqltcl which is used by Scapy and Sguil project, maybe when I'm leet enough to create port, I will try to create OpenBSD port for Sguil including all it's components to have it fully functional on OpenBSD without going through much hassle installation.

Anyway I don't plan to submit the port to yet due to this announcement, it is better to test out the current port tree for the coming release of OpenBSD 3.9.

Cheers (:])

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