Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Unofficial OBSD port - Scapy

I finally decide to take the advice of dudes in #myoss and start my journey of building port, I prefer to take a simple one which is scapy since this is my first try out. After reading the man page and learning how others write the ports, I figure out that's not too hard but requires more practices and understanding of variables used in order to be handy in creating port. One of useful link would be this, it contains all the information needed to learn to write OpenBSD port properly.

After hours of tinkering with it, I finally have my first OpenBSD port created - Scapy, this is considered an unofficial OpenBSD port for Scapy, since this is my first try without intensive testing, it may break but I myself have tested it under OpenBSD 3.8 release and current. Feel free to download the port and untar it to /usr/ports/net, then just go into py-scapy directory and make install. I plan to write more ports to sharpen my skill of writing OpenBSD port in future.

Thanks to the encouragement of dudes, again I can fly even higher with Scapy (:])

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