Tuesday, February 07, 2006

OpenSSH - New Feature

OpenSSH 4.3 released and you can find the story here. This is not the latest new however there's one new feature in OpenSSH worth mentioning. With OpenSSH 4.3, you will be able to build simple VPN solution since it can tunnel arbitrary network packets over a ssh connection between OpenSSH client and server via tun virtual network interface. This is neat and I will try to spare sometimes to play around.



Anonymous said...

well dont get too excited... tunneling over IP/TCP/UDP over ANY TCP Connection has been problematic due to an issue explained to me by Ian Goldberg at FC-Caymans. Any errors tend to multiply throughout the built circuit consuming it in a "retry storm",also has been my experience) with ppp tunneled over ssh. Far better is OpenVPN with UDP tunneling,wont break, nb. the ssh based tunneling in 4.3 only took me an 8 hour cycle before it broke. :(
... Great blog about my favorite subject(OpenBSD) in my favorite vacation spot(Malayasia) (havent been there since 2001 however).

gwen hastings

geek00L said...

Thanks :), I'm not too sure about the ssh vpn tunneling since I haven't have time to get myself dirty with it. I do agree that OpenVPN is superb as vpn solution. Cheers.