Monday, February 20, 2006

OpenBSD LiveCD - Olive

I read about this OpenBSD live CD at - Olive, since the download link seems not working for me, I haven't have chance to try it out yet, hopefully it will provides mirror sites so that more people can download and give it a try, it's always rare to have live CD that based on OpenBSD and Gabriel Paderni has really done a good job on it, enjoy !!!!! :)

Have fun .....


Anonymous said...

I tried it. It certainly is nice, and comes with good tools for web browsing / IRCing.

I just wish there was a way to load up the CD to RAM, on machines where it's possible. The system is awfully slow when booted from CD. Took a good 5 minutes to boot on a Compaq nc6000 with 1GB of RAM. Firefox took close to 2 minutes to fire up.


geek00L said...

That seems slow, however I will try it out, remember this is one man's work and maybe with more helps he can make it better :]