Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vim - Cool editor for PF and Snort Rules

If you are writing pf and snort rules, vim may suit your need. I use vi for my daily task and try to play with vim which is vi clone. I come across to know that you can configure vim to be your own editor with your own preferences and settings. I have just found out that if I install vim by using OpenBSD port/package, you already have the vim syntax configuration file for pf and snort rules but you need to enabled it. Below are the screenshots of pf and snort rules file, those with syntax hightlightning and colorized.

Pf Configuraiton File

Snort Rules File

The vim syntax file is stored in /usr/local/share/vim/vim64/syntax and the syntax configuration files for pf and snort is pf.vim and hog.vim, so I have to enable it via .vimrc under user directory. Here's my .vimrc content under /root. I need another files in /root/.vim which is filetypes.vim to load the syntax file for pf.conf and snort rules file.

Here's my filetypes.vim file.

Now it's much more easy to edit and write the rules with the syntax highlightning and text colorized. However hog.vim is kinda outdated and need to be updated since there are lots of changes on snort rules syntax.


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