Thursday, February 23, 2006

OliveBSD reviewed

Finally I finished downloading OliveBSD, the download link that provided is extremely slow, bet there are many people out there downloading it simultaneously.

I quickly burn the iso and load it to my machine, it loads properly without issue and automagically I can connect to internet without any configurations since it uses dhclient to get the dynamic IP and I have dhcp server in the LAN, however you can setup network configuration properly by clicking the Network Card Configuration in the application menu, Gabriel has done this part nicely by writing his own net config script that ease user's experience. The window menu is well done with all the applications that needed to run daily tasks such as firefox, thunderbird, xchat and etc. Previously I have reader saying that firefox slow to load but it seems not happening to me where firefox loads within seconds in my testing. Other applications also loads properly without problem for me. Overall OliveBSD is totally perfect for new users who want to know what is offered by OpenBSD, and I find nothing much differences either using OliveBSD and other Linux distro that targets desktop users, the only thing is that you won't find OpenOffice in OliveBSD since it's not in the OpenBSD port. The file manager that used by OliveBSD is Rox-Filer, there you can easily change background and browsing files.

Overall I give a thumbs up to this liveCD, not because it's based on OpenBSD but it really does what it does. Thumbs up goes to Gabriel, you have done a good job.

Cheers :]

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GuTi said...

It seems so "MAC" to me...