Monday, February 13, 2006

OpenBSD Enlightenment WM

I use google analytic to track my blog visitors, and found out that my OpenBSD Fluxbox setup post gets the highest visit rate especially traffics from I will put that post into OpenBSD fluxbox setup guide and upload to my again so that people can grab and read if they need it. Now I come through another Window Manager calls Enlightenment, my first try on it has great success and able to get it up and running in minutes by installing from package and apparently the previous fluxbox setup experience helps me on Enlightenment setup as well since it's about the same in initial setup. I will post how I get Enlightenment works on OpenBSD when I become more handy on it. Here's the screenshot of my OpenBSD enlightenment, cheers :]

Enlightenment - Clean and Fast

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