Saturday, February 18, 2006

Improving Scripting Skillz

I'm currently reading this book that written by Ellie Quigley to sharpen my shell scripting skills, I haven finished half of the book. These days I'm more to reading book than online materials especially on my off days since it's what I need to get in depth on something and more self-contained. This book is recommended by one of my pal and even though I haven't finished the book, I found it really useful and I understand more about shell than ever after reading the first few chapters. Ellie Quigley is the woman who wrote the first shell programming book, with her 20 years++ experiences of being a shell programming instructor, she knows the foundations and tricks to take a newcomer or even advance shell programmer to next level of shell programming.

By introducing and showing examples of how grep, sed and awk been used and using great illustrations that provided in the book, I'm now more enlightenned in writing shell script. To be one good shell programmer, one should be really get ready and handy with the tools that provided in Unix or Unix-alike system. Ellie Quigley is really doing well on this part, I can't wait to finish her book.

It seems I'm revisiting old stuffs this days, sometimes getting back to basic or foundation again will discover things that you think you already understood but you actually not, hopefully by finishing Linux Firewalls and Unix Shells By Example book, I can be get to improved to be better me.

Peace :]]]

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