Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bad Day - Crashing of my router

My OpenBSD router at home keep giving me problem, it freezes and runs intermittently, the pppoe-in-kernel seems not reliable. When I ping, I get very high latency between my router and yahoo, this seems not accurate as sometimes it goes higher than the host ping time that behind this router which making me crazy, I'm wondering whether I should switch back to the userland ppp instead of using this unreliable pppoe interface. Since this feature is imported from netBSD, I'm not too sured how well it get tested and experimented by the user out there, if you are using pppoe-in-kernel of OpenBSD, please leave a comment. I maybe sending bug report because getting pinging time of more than 5000 is so inaccurate. I will post the screenshot when I have a chance. Because of that, I can't get a chance to try out OpenSSH new feature. :(

Anyway Cheers :)


adli said...

This is OpenBSD 3.8 ?

geek00L said...

Hey adli, it is OpenBSD running Current, do you run pppoe-in-kernel using OpenBSD? Actually I found few post that complaining about it but seems no one do a bug report yet.

squeege said...


I also findd the pppoe interface less reliable than the userland version. (3.8-stable)

Mostly, I find that it is not consistent in how quickly it establishes the connection. Sometimes my system is almost done booting and it still has not connected, causing slowdowns as daemons like spamd and ntpd need a connection present when started.

Hopefully, things will improve...