Monday, November 14, 2005

Forget your nessus password?

I have one machine with nessus installed for a while and realizing I need to launch it for vulnerabilities checking today, I quickly run nessus client and start connecting to the nessus server daemon, oops I have forgotten the username and password since I haven't used it for around 2 months and thought I was able to remember it which in case not.

Quickly check on the nessus tools under /usr/local/sbin, I found nessus-adduser. So this should solve problem for a forgetful folk like me. Below is the screenshot for quick view.

Even though nessus goes commercial and close source, however I will still use it and plan to upgrade to version 3.0 when I have time. It is still a wonderful application that works like charm and serve it's purpose right :]

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