Monday, November 07, 2005

The Network Analyst Workstation Handbook

FreeBSD, the robust operating system that serves almost every purpose right, is used as my workstation for analyzing process all the while. I will start to write a handbook for Network Analyst to build a perfect workstation for their work, this is nothing big however it's what and how I use to perform my daily task including Incident Handling, Network Forensic and troubleshooting, Incident Response as well, however this handbook is not limited to those usage, you can install your workstation for your own need.

My window manager of choice will still be fluxbox, and I will explain why fluxbox suits Analyst and how to configure and tweak your fluxbox to keep your analyzing work neat and clean :).

I will keep updating the Handbook once I discovered new tools or tricks to perform the job, and it will be published in my blog first and then imported to the handbook. Of course sguil client will be included since I can't live without it.

With that you might be able to have your FreeBSD Analyst Workstation up and running in a day without googling.

No hassle, easy going and it will be released when I have all the write up completed(which will never be :P). I will include the config file as well so that you can import to your system and don't have to configure it manually.

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