Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gdesklets - The Ultimate Resource Killer

I have been using Ubuntu Linux for quite sometimes, one of the eye candy software that I'm using is gdekslets, however gdesklets is the ultimate resource killer, I have this Ubuntu box with gdesklets installed and running starterbar. I have never used the starter bar to launch any applications but it seems that gdesklets quietly consumes the virtual memory size, at first I have acroread and firefox running and it crashed due to insufficient vm, then when it reaches 700MB vm size, finally gdesklets crashing and I able to launch other applications, the system becomes normal and no lagging anymore. Gdesklets consumes a little vm size from time to time and something must be wrong in the application. I bet if I have 2G swap partition, the vm size that consumed by gdesklets may hit 1G. What the hell is this little piece of software.

If you want to use eye candy docking software, go gkrellm or conky, it's much more lightweight compare to this monster.

Seeing is Believing!


Anonymous said...

gDesklet is COOL :)

yazid said...

yup, SuperKaramba in KDE and gDesklets in Gnome are all the same, resource killer.