Friday, November 18, 2005

Packet Analysis with Scapy

So you like ethereal, the wonderful tool for network analyst. This is good new especially for OpenBSD user who no longer has ethereal in their ports/packages build. Download the Scapereal from this url and put it into the same directory as, yet you need py-gtk to have it work properly. Thanks to Pierre for this. Below in the screenshots you will see how I import Scapereal which allow you to analyze packets via Ethereal-alike interface.

After importing Scapereal, you will be able to call ethereal().
Highlighting is sweet!
Nice huh ... ..

I have succesfully run scapy in OpenBSD as well and might be going to blog about Scapy Installation on both FreeBSD and OpenBSD in very close time. I'm still having little issue with FreeBSD Scapy build and will resolve it as soon as possible.

Special thanks to Guillaume Valadon for pointing me out the issue and workaround on FreeBSD Scapy build.

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