Saturday, November 26, 2005


I'm dealing with spammers and phishers most of the time these days, and currently performing analysis process on them, this is one of the interesting log that I currently have in my hand.

Shutting down spamming host is not effective from my point of view these days, way too many open proxies, smtp relay daemons out there, not blaming windows but windows users who never patch their system or not educated to understand cyber threats.

The root of cause is still the man behind spamming, catch them and proceed to prosecute, I found no tolerate to spammers and phishers, they ain't hackers, they are just bunch of f**ker who use internet as a channel to create junk and make money, out of that, they are nothing.

And if you are spammer or phisher, yet you read my blog, don't hate me because you should know who you are.

No One Loves You!

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