Thursday, November 24, 2005

My Own Sguil Logo

Personally I don't really like the Sguil logo, thus I decide to create my own logo, since Sguil is practicing the NSM model, thus my idea is simple, a digital monkey with a sensor receiving the intrusion/extrusion signal. And if you notice carefully, I have the signal written in NSM (:])

This is just my initial design, I will make it better once I have time. Give comments if you think it sucks :P

Thanks to Quak, my pal who do a graphic editing for me since I'm not keen in that.


Anonymous said...

Welll the logo looks anime'ish i think the current Sguil logo is simple and professional looking :)

Anonymous said...

wow, this is cool! you surely got other talents besides network analysis. how about you design a logo for myoss ?

C.S.Lee said...

Myoss don't have any logo?